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  • Which Fingers for WASD. 2013-12-09. I’ve always wondered something. Most of the world uses WASD for their keyboard controls, right? I’m assuming so because that’s how every game is pre-configured. I, however, use ESDF for my keyboard controls, so I have to change the defaults on every single game I play. I am not bitter about that. Mostly. I chose ESDF when I re-did my Quake keyboard binds way back in the day because it seemed like the natural choice, because my ring finger, middle finger, and index finger naturally rested on SDF anyway.
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  • Un-Learning Invert Mouse. 2014-03-18. I decided to learn to play without the Invert Mouse option. I’ve considered doing this for a long time, but the final straw was wanting to continue checking out ArcheAge without getting a headache. But you know if you’ve ever tried to change this setting that you need to turn it off for every game at the same time. It’s not something you can turn off in one game but leave on in another game.
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  • ‘Cannot Be Tamed’ Gaming Answers. 2014-08-24. Okay, okay, here’s my answers to the Cannot Be Tamed Gaming Questionnaire. I found many of these questions pretty silly. I feel like writing my own questionnaire with hard-hitting, insightful questions like, “If you were a ferret, what kind of video game controller would you use?” **1. When did you start playing video games? **2. What is the first game you remember playing? Somewhere around 1980-ish. I don’t remember if I had an Atari 2600 or a TRS-80 Color Computer first, though.
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  • Identifying As A Gamer, Erratum. 2014-08-25. I’m not entirely sure what happened, but somehow WordPress posted two different versions of my last post. The RSS feed and the front page shows one version, but the post page itself shows a newer version. I think maybe ScribeFire did something to it. Anyway, I added a paragraph to my answer for question 20 at the last minute and this is what it was supposed to say: 20. Do you identify as a gamer?
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  • Game Developers Aren’t Slaves. 2015-08-11. A while back I saw this pro-GamerGate post and had a flashback to my days in the political blogosphere. I’ll save you the time of reading it: It’s a long, very well-worded piece of propaganda disguised as anti-propaganda. (You know you’re reading propaganda when you come across the word “indoctrination.”) The part that really made my jaw drop was this: Never forget that you [developers] are here to please the gamers, they are not here to please you, validate your beliefs or prop up your ego.
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  • ARK – Another Chance In The New Year. 2016-01-04. With the start of the new year, I decided to give ARK: Survival Evolved another chance. So many people rave about this game, in streams, podcasts, and blogs. I had a lot of bad feelings to overcome, but I figured it was possible that I was the one who was wrong about it. So on January 1st, I fired up a single player game, determined to play until I “got it.
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  • E3 2017 Thoughts. 2017-08-10. You can always count on my blog to bring you the latest, greatest news and commentary… so here’s another forgotten post from my Drafts folder. It is was E3 time again, and for a change, I actually watched some of the presentations, something I have never done before. I watched part of a Sony event on Saturday [June 10th], part of a Microsoft event on Sunday, and part of an Ubisoft event on Monday.
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  • August and Promptapalooza Arrives. 2020-08-01. The Blaugust Promptapalooza is starting, and I’m in it! I’ll be perfectly honest: I’ve been so completely out of it lately that I’m still not completely sure I understand the exact details of what I’m supposed to do. I think I’m going to be writing a post about a super secret topic on August 28th. As of this writing, I have no idea what to say about the super secret topic, so that should be fun.
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  • Tyranny. 2021-02-20.

    Somehow March is almost upon us, and I still haven’t written about Tyranny, the other free game I got from the Epic Store oh so long ago now. It was the next in a burst of isometric CRPG games that I played around Christmas time, which started with Wasteland 2 and then Pillars of Eternity.

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  • Valheim and Outriders. 2021-03-06.

    I don’t get the Valheim craze and I wasn’t wowed by Outriders either. There, I said it.

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  • Halcyon 6, Sunless Sea, and Surviving Mars. 2021-03-13.

    This past week I found myself trying three free games I got from the Epic Game Store.

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  • Stadia Pro Free Trial. 2021-03-29.

    I got a two-month free trial of Stadia Pro and have been trying it out.

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  • Pillars of Eternity Video Adventures. 2021-04-04.

    Video adventures uploaded in the last week or so.

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  • The End of Pillars of Eternity. 2021-04-11.

    At last, the Pillars of Eternity series comes to an end.

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  • The Random Game Era Begins. 2021-04-18.

    Before and after I started a new job in March, my gaming time and interest plummeted to nothing, so I commenced a period of short gaming sessions of mainly free games and demos which continues to this very day.

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  • Those D&D Shows. 2021-04-18.

    Some Twitter activity prompted me to think about how and why I follow some D&D shows.

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  • Free Stadia Game Phase. 2021-04-25.

    And now we move into videos of games I’ve played during a Free Two-Month Stadia Pro Trial phase (which I got from someone at my new job). There are a whole lot of free games to click on and play with a Stadia subscription, but the down side is that 99% of them are games you’ve never heard of before.

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  • Finding a Headset. 2021-05-01.

    Finding a microphone that can also be used for content creation (aka. makin’ vidyas) in a noisy room is challenging.

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  • Another Week of Stadia Games. 2021-05-02.

    Another week of playing strange games for free with a free trial of Stadia Pro. It’s really a fantastic system for trying out new games quickly. The technology is very cool. The sticking point is who pays for it, and how much this luxurious convenience is worth to a consumer.

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  • Scripted Twitch Streaming. 2021-05-06.

    How to stream a local video file to Twitch with ffmpeg.

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  • Amazon Luna Also Streams Games. 2021-05-09.

    Since I was experimenting with Stadia, it seemed fitting to try out Amazon Luna for comparison. It was only a seven day free trial, though. Also, it was noticeably worse quality than Stadia. Also, you have to pay for an early access subscription. Also, it had far less good games available for free. In summary, not a lot of pros with Amazon Luna.

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  • Firewatch Week. 2021-05-16.

    Firewatch and other games I’m currently playing: ie. The Surge, Hellpoint, and Greedfall.

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  • FFXIV and Technical Debt. 2021-05-18.

    I blurted out some tweets yesterday morning about Final Fantasy XIV which I think need some further clarification.

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  • What Used To Be Controversial. 2021-05-23.

    The end of my streak of miscellaneous one-off videos.

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  • Building a New Gaming PC (2021 Edition). 2021-05-29.

    Or: “Battle for Your Oats.”

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  • The Surge Begins. 2021-06-01.

    The 42-part adventure in The Surge begins, a game that was fun except for the boss fights, and the last zone, which was an ordeal to finish.

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  • The Surge - Central Production B. 2021-06-09.

    The continuing adventures of Warren rending his way through his first day on the job at CREO.

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  • PC Build Surprises (2021 Edition). 2021-06-15.

    I put together my new PC build over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. There’re always some surprises when you build a PC: Things that don’t go according to plan. Here’s some of mine.

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  • The Surge - Resolve Biolabs. 2021-06-16.

    The continuing adventures of Warren hacking and slashing his way through the Resolve Biolabs to reach his ultimate goal of … who knows? Warren doesn’t really have any motivation. Just an unquenchable thirst for hacking up robots and zombies. (Though he might have a secret backstory.)

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  • The Surge - Research and Development. 2021-06-28.

    The continuing adventures of Warren on his first day on the job at CREO. We’ve now reached the point in the story where I no longer remember what happened, didn’t write anything down, and don’t have enough time to re-watch the videos to figure it out. Soooooo. Yeah. Vague, one-sentence summaries!

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  • The Surge - The End. 2021-07-08.

    It’s the last stretch for The Surge, as Warren finishes out his first day on the job. I hated the last zone in The Surge (the Nucleus) so much I almost uninstalled the game with only a couple hours left to play, but I powered through it because I’d gone too far to throw away so many videos. :)

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  • Categorizing Boss Fights. 2021-07-11.

    I was thinking about why some boss fights are fun challenges and other boss fights drive me absolutely crazy with needless frustration.

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  • Another FFXIV Free Login. 2021-07-12.

    There’s a lot of buzz about Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion, and now I see it’s that time again when Square Enix is letting lapsed Final Fantasy XIV accounts login free for a couple of weeks.

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  • What's Wrong With Nioh. 2021-07-14.

    I simply have no choice but to rant about Nioh for some number of paragraphs.

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  • FFXIV - The Unending Journey. 2021-07-15.

    I played Final Fantasy XIV last night. Sort of.

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  • FFXIV - Shadowbringers. 2021-07-18.

    I didn’t really intend to play Shadowbringers. I thought I was done with Final Fantasy XIV forever, actually. But a few things combined to get me back in this game.

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  • Final Fantasy XV. 2021-07-27.

    I did a weird thing: I bought Final Fantasy XV on Steam. It’s … not bad? Maybe?

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  • FFXIV - Shadowbringers Update. 2021-07-28.

    We now bring you a brief Shadowbringers update.

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  • FFXIV - What's Still Holding It Back?. 2021-08-01.

    Final Fantasy XIV is enjoying a massive surge in popularity this summer, but there are still a few things preventing it from reigning supreme in the MMORPG space.

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  • FFXV - Leviathan. 2021-08-02.

    Final Fantasy XV is on my mind this morning.

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  • Final Fantasy XIII. 2021-08-04.

    I’m going to play Final Fantasy XIII next. That’s a 13. Those roman numerals are confusing.

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  • Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots. 2021-08-05.

    I have roughly 15 minutes to think of, write, edit, illustrate, and publish a blog post this morning.

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  • Final Fantasy Status Update. 2021-08-09.

    It’s time for a brief Final Fantasy update.

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  • Bless Unleashed. 2021-08-12.

    Bless Unleashed: I mean, it’s free.

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  • FFXIV's Gandalf Moment. 2021-08-14.

    The Stupid Face Boss in Final Fantasy XIII and The Gandalf Moment in Final Fantasy XIV.

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  • Pantheon Of Best Shadowbringers Moments So Far. 2021-08-15.

    Yesterday I flippantly remarked, “Not exactly a deep meditation on the human condition,” about the Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers story so far. But there was a conversation that my mind keeps returning to: A conversation between the Crystal Exarch and Lord Vauthry.

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  • FFXIV - How To Abandon A Main Scenario Quest, Kind Of. 2021-08-16.

    I ran into a problem with Final Fantasy XIV and I thought I’d share the solution I came up with, because you certainly won’t find it anywhere on Reddit.

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  • Level Curves And Story Pacing. 2021-08-17.

    I wish the arbitrary geometric leveling curve didn’t mess up story pacing.

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  • MMORPG Character Switcharoos. 2021-08-18.

    Sometimes MMORPGs make you play a different character for narrative purposes and I don’t like it very much.

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  • FFXIV - Oracle of Light. 2021-08-19.

    I spent last night in Final Fantasy XIV standing at the Neverending Storybook (not the actual name) refreshing my memory on story events from the very end of A Realm Reborn and the post-Heavensward stuff with The Word Of The Mother and the Warriors of Darkness.

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  • Friday Screenshots - FFXIV. 2021-08-20.

    I was going to pull out one of seemingly hundreds of half-written posts to finish them, but then I realized I hate all of them! And now it’s evening. So here’s some screenshots. It’s from that game I’ve been playing. You know the one I mean.

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  • Saturday Screenshots - FFXIV. 2021-08-21.

    Hey, writing blog posts every day isn’t that fun sometimes. Here’s some screenshots. From that same game again. Because they’re the only screenshots I took yesterday.

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  • Sunday Screenshots - FFXIV. 2021-08-22.

    I didn’t even rename the screenshot files this time.

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  • FFXIV Needs A Limit Break. 2021-08-24.

    I’m waking up to this news that Final Fantasy XIV has closed off all the North American Aether servers to new players indefinitely because they can’t handle the strain anymore.

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  • Best MMO Technology. 2021-08-25.

    Yesterday I mentioned how much I worried that Final Fantasy XIV was staggering into their new expansion on duct tape and bailing wire, so I thought today I’d mention the MMORPGs that appear to have a much more solid technology base that I don’t have to worry about.

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  • Shadowbringers Done, Part 1. 2021-08-26.

    I finished the first ending of Shadowbringers. The one before the long series of post-expansion patches.

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  • Nuts To The Post-Shadowbringers Blues. 2021-08-28.

    I started into the post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quest last night and got a whole two quests in before the game slammed a massive brick wall down in front of me.

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  • The Endgame Grind Decision Point. 2021-08-29.

    Should I dive headlong into the vortex of Final Fantasy XIV endgame possibilities or should I detox and play something else?

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    534 words
  • FFXIV - New Game Plus. 2021-08-30.

    I recently learned about New Game+ in Final Fantasy XIV, some time earlier in Blaugust, in the Blaugust Discord. I didn’t think it would work very well, but it actually does.

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  • Solasta: Crown of the Magister. 2021-11-14.

    I stumbled upon a new (to me) tactical RPG based on the D&D rules.

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  • Disco Elysium. 2021-11-26.

    Disco Elysium is one of those award-winning games I bought mainly because it was on sale and I heard it was award-winning.

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  • FFXIV - Shadowbringers 5.4, Futures Rewritten. 2021-12-01.

    Notes on the Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Patch 5.4 Content, Futures Rewritten, which I finished well over two months ago at the time of this publication.

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    774 words
  • FFXIV - Shadowbringers 5.5/5, Death Unto Dawn. 2021-12-09.

    Notes on the Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Patch 5.5 and 5.55 Content, Death Unto Dawn, which I finished more than two months ago at the time of this publication.

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  • Observing The NFT Wars. 2022-01-05.

    The first post of the year is about … sigh … NFTs.

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    954 words
  • Microsoft and Activision/Blizzard. 2022-01-19.

    I have to write a post about this don’t I. It would be like not mentioning 9/11.

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    448 words
  • Elden Ring: Prepare Ye the Way. 2022-01-26.

    Some thoughts on Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, and the upcoming Elden Ring.

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    755 words
  • On Defining Indie Games. 2022-01-28.

    Over on the Blaugust Discord, there’s been a flurry of discussion about a new #JustOnePercent challenge of playing indie games, and it occurred to me to wonder what exactly is an indie game?

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    1,072 words
  • Demon's Souls (PS5). 2022-01-31.

    I didn’t set out to get a Playstation 5 to play Demon’s Souls, it just kind of happened.

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  • Code Vein. 2022-08-09.

    A stylish but ultimately very frustrating experience.

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    396 words
  • FFXV - Story Summary. 2022-08-10.

    Herein I will attempt to summarize the main story of Final Fantasy XV, so that I remember how insane it was, years from now.

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    1,039 words
  • Dwarf Fortress Again. 2022-08-12.

    Okay, yes, fine, I downloaded Dwarf Fortress again.

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    639 words
  • Those New MMOs. 2022-08-15.

    I heard talk about a couple of new MMOs, Tower of Fantasy, and one other one which disappeared so fast I can’t even remember the name of it.

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    255 words
  • Dwarf Fortress - Limulitred. 2022-08-17.

    A brief recounting of the dwarf fortress of Limulitred, “Goldbuff,” in the world of The Eternal Everseeing Dimensions. Updated with illustrations by DALL-E.

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    453 words
  • Kruggsmash Dwarf Fortress Videos. 2022-08-18.

    It’s creator appreciation week here in Blaugust, and by coincidence, I just happen to have one to mention.

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    291 words
  • Gaming Pet Peeves. 2022-08-20.

    Just some random gaming pet peeves I wrote down once.

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    310 words
  • Who's At Fault For Unfinished Games?. 2022-08-22.

    I happened to see a few lines in a recent post from Naithin that inspired this soapbox sermon.

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    380 words
  • Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. 2022-08-23.

    I mentioned Kruggsmash a while back. In one of his videos, he plays a game called Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead.

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    372 words
  • Dwarf Fortress - Otinsthinthäd. 2022-08-27.

    The tale of Otinstinthäd.

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    770 words
  • Lost Ark and Chimeraland. 2022-08-30.

    Brief comments on a couple of MMOs I played for a little while.

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    398 words


  • Cataclysm DDA Video Production. 2022-09-26.

    Not playing many games because I’m too busy making game videos.

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    614 words
  • Wrath Classic Launch. 2022-09-27.

    There’s a bit (ha!) of buzz going around about World of Warcraft’s Wrath of the Lich King Classic launch today.

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    352 words


  • PC Gaming Wasteland. 2022-10-16.

    Browsing my Steam library yet again this morning looking for something–anything–that might be fun to play on this Sunday where I have a lot of free time.

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  • A Busy Month - February, 2023. 2023-02-13.

    It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Also I need a better title for these kitchen sink posts.

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    1,671 words
  • Video Essay - Making Game Videos. 2023-02-21.

    I’ve been uploading game videos to my YouTube channel for about eight years now, and as my first foray into video essays, I decided to make a video about how I do it.

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  • Humble Sir Brante. 2023-04-04.

    It’s an average choose-your-own-adventure game.

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    393 words


  • Bendy and the Dark Revival. 2023-05-13.

    As luck would have it, May’s Humble Choice includes Bendy and the Dark Revival, which is a game that I picked up on Steam a few months ago.

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  • Baldur's Gate 3 Completed. 2024-01-06. I’ve become one of the roughly 17% of Baldur’s Gate 3 Steam players to complete the game. Now I can finally read what other people posted about it.
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