Summer Is Here - June 2023 Part 1

1,593 words.

The heat is on. It’s on the streets. And in my house. More about lexical selection errors and Hitler documentaries than you probably want. (1593 words.)

Broken Slack - May 2024 Part 2

2,188 words.

Busy hands games. More about Glass Cannon shows than you probably care about. Dune and Planet of the Apes. Broken Slack. (2188 words.)

May - May 2024 Part 1

1,711 words.

Social media retreat, replacing coffee with tea, a little gaming, actual play shows, and that’s about it, really. At least I refrained from talking about TTRPGs this time. (1711 words.)

Pathfinder? - April 2024 Part 2

1,693 words.

A hastily-written scrawl with some vague remarks about games, Pathfinder, and the Glass Cannon Network. (1693 words.)

Pause for Badgerfriends - March 2024 Part 2

3,134 words.

A pause on video games because of a sudden side project. Editing D&D combat. A cool program called Sound Show. Mid-tier Actual Play Show Reviews. (3134 words.)

Spring? - March 2024 Part 1

1,786 words.

Elden Ring DLC, Lords of the Fallen, Nioh, Sons of the Forest. YouTube wrecking my videos. Keeping up with the Actual Plays. (1786 words.)

Leap Day - February 2024 Part 2

4,646 words.

Last Epoch 1.0. Nightingale Early Access. Lies of P done. Lords of the Fallen in progress. Mitigating microphone noise with console tables. Making Let’s Play videos. Dimension 20. Java. (4646 words.)

Grumpasaurus Rex - January 2024 Part 2

3,456 words.

Searching for a game to enjoy. Lies of P, Alan Wake, Palworld, Enshrouded. Voicemeeter Banana. Fantasy High Junior Year. Røde PodMic USB. (3456 words.)

Start of Year - January 2024 Part 1

1,911 words.

The 2024th one. Baldur’s Gate 3 finished. Warhammer Rogue Trader started. Juggling CRPG videos. Taskmaster, New Zealand, Australia, and Guy Montgomery. A new cataract enters the ring. (1911 words.)

Baldur's Gate 3 Completed

3,157 words.

I’ve become one of the roughly 17% of Baldur’s Gate 3 Steam players to complete the game. Now I can finally read what other people posted about it. (3157 words.)