Hi! I usually write here about games I’m playing, but sometimes about software development or video production or other things. Not AI-generated since 2012. Except the images. :)

Mid-November Bullets - Top of Mind

329 wc

I’m all about throwing old traditions out the window because they don’t make sense anymore, so I present: The Mid-Month Update.

PC Gaming Wasteland

309 wc

Browsing my Steam library yet again this morning looking for something–anything–that might be fun to play on this Sunday where I have a lot of free time.

Wrath Classic Launch

352 wc

There’s a bit (ha!) of buzz going around about World of Warcraft’s Wrath of the Lich King Classic launch today.

Reading Fail 2022 - Top of Mind

322 wc

I recently hinted that I was starting a new, innovative series of blog posts about nothing. I immediately abandoned that plan and decided to work on videos instead.

Blaugust Tallies

343 wc

It’s the last day of Blaugust, so I’ll now present my summary findings to the jury.

Blog Changes This Month

417 wc

Blaugust inspired me to make some much-needed technical changes to the blog this month, which I will now try to recall for posterity.