Baldur's Gate 3 Completed

3,157 words.

I’ve become one of the roughly 17% of Baldur’s Gate 3 Steam players to complete the game. Now I can finally read what other people posted about it. (3157 words.)

End Of Year - December 2023 Part 2

2,424 words.

Oops the year’s over already. The return of Baldur’s Gate 3. Best year for gaming? YouTube stats declining. Trapped in British quiz shows again. (2424 words.)

Cold - December 2023 Part 1

2,035 words.

It’s cold. Monster Hunter games. Devlogs. Doctor Who and Indiana Jones. Next.js development. Slow time at work. Dentist and poison ivy. (2035 words.)

Next.js - November 2023 Part 2

2,536 words.

World of Warcraft did a thing. New Next.js and AWS blog development. Dev vlogs. Lower Decks. Fairy Tale. Thanksgiving vacation. A work presentation. Jupyter. (2536 words.)

Trying Commentbox

276 words.

Out of nowhere I decided to try a new comment hosting solution, and it was easy. (276 words.)

Scary Movies

3,017 words.

Watching a bunch of scary movies in October. (3017 words.)

Vacation - August 2023

1,368 words.

Blaugust retrospective, Baldur’s Gate 3, videos, vacation, and more. A fairly bland and uninspired effort. (1368 words.)