Hi! I’m an old reclusive Gen-X software developer who writes about games or projects I’m working on or what’s happening in the world. Not AI-generated since 2012, despite what ZeroGPT says. Except the images. :)

The 2023 Baldur’s Gate 3 Playthrough Index

Scary Movies

3,017 words.

Watching a bunch of scary movies in October. (3017 words.)

Vacation - August 2023

1,368 words.

Blaugust retrospective, Baldur’s Gate 3, videos, vacation, and more. A fairly bland and uninspired effort. (1368 words.)

Unspoken Community Standards

1,275 words.

Some thoughts and observations about the perilous minefield of unspoken community standards, and editing your own words. (1275 words.)

Creator Appreciation 2023

964 words.

Some hastily-written thoughts about Creator Appreciation week for Blaugust. (964 words.)

State of the Site

1,550 words.

How my static blog works, summer 2023 edition, with nifty diagrams. (1550 words.)

The Imminent Blaugust - July 2023

2,606 words.

Blaugust 2023, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, blog site updates and microblogging, a nutritional reset, and more, in the summer heat. (2606 words.)