Hi! I’m an old reclusive Gen-X software developer who writes about games or projects I’m working on or what’s happening in the world. Not AI-generated since 2012, despite what ZeroGPT says. Except the images. :)

Video Essay - Making Game Videos

2,722 words.

I’ve been uploading game videos to my YouTube channel for about eight years now, and as my first foray into video essays, I decided to make a video about how I do it. (2722 words.)

A Busy Month - February, 2023

1,671 words.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Also I need a better title for these kitchen sink posts. (1671 words.)

Where Do I Fit In?

418 words.

To be brutally honest, the older I get, the less I feel like I fit in with other Internet gamers. (418 words.)

Mid-January Top of Mind 2023

629 words.

An unexpectedly stressful start to the work year and a return to some gaming, instead of doing anything productive. (629 words.)

January 2023 Bullets

747 words.

It’s a new year, whoopie. Nothing particularly noteworthy to report. (747 words.)

ActivityPub And Me, Part 2

983 words.

There’s a land rush of ActivityPub implementations going on right now, and I’m in it. (983 words.)


116 words.

I found out that my nephew died unexpectedly a few days ago. (116 words.)

Twitter Firestorm, Part 2

1,362 words.

So Twitter turned into a ghost town overnight, which was somewhat inevitable I suppose. (1362 words.)

ActivityPub And Me, Part 1 of ?

1,352 words.

I’ve been on a learning rampage on the topic of the fediverse lately, and there’s plenty of material for writing blog posts. (1352 words.)

Mid-November Bullets - Top of Mind

329 words.

I’m all about throwing old traditions out the window because they don’t make sense anymore, so I present: The Mid-Month Update. (329 words.)