Hi! I usually write here about games I’m playing, but sometimes about software development or video production or other things. Not AI-generated since 2012. Except the images. :)

Blaugust Tallies

It’s the last day of Blaugust, so I’ll now present my summary findings to the jury. (343 words.)

Blog Changes This Month

Blaugust inspired me to make some much-needed technical changes to the blog this month, which I will now try to recall for posterity. (417 words.)

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

I mentioned Kruggsmash a while back. In one of his videos, he plays a game called Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. (372 words.)

Intentions - Blaugust Deep Dream Journal Part 9

In the dream, I came upon a statue of a one-armed woman holding a child. I asked her, “How come we judge ourselves by the actions we take but not by our intentions?” (356 words.)

Gaming Pet Peeves

Just some random gaming pet peeves I wrote down once. (310 words.)

Shingles Vaccine Completed

It’s 8 PM and I’m exhausted, so it’s far too late for me to write a post tonight, except this one. (233 words.)

Kruggsmash Dwarf Fortress Videos

It’s creator appreciation week here in Blaugust, and by coincidence, I just happen to have one to mention. (291 words.)

Dwarf Fortress - Limulitred

A brief recounting of the dwarf fortress of Limulitred, “Goldbuff,” in the world of The Eternal Everseeing Dimensions. Updated with illustrations by DALL-E. (453 words.)