Hi! I usually write here about games I’m playing, but sometimes about software development or other things.

Those New MMOs

255 wc

I heard talk about a couple of new MMOs, Tower of Fantasy, and one other one which disappeared so fast I can’t even remember the name of it.

Sustaining Creativity Day After Day

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When I started Blaugust with a creative writing idea, I failed to account for how draining spontaneous creativity is day in and day out.

Unexpected Coyotes

309 wc

Here’s something I didn’t expect to be writing about today.

FFXV - Story Summary

1039 wc

Herein I will attempt to summarize the main story of Final Fantasy XV, so that I remember how insane it was, years from now.

Code Vein

396 wc

A stylish but ultimately very frustrating experience.

Recent Blog Changes On AWS

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I’m already sick of my Blaugust project, so I’m writing something else. This is about Amazon Web Services and Nginx config files, mainstream topics everyone can enjoy.

Art - Blaugust Deep Dream Journal Day 5

307 wc

In the dream, I encountered a fellow standing by the road with a tadpole for a head. I asked him, “How do we know what is art and what isn’t?”