Hi! I’m an old reclusive Gen-X software developer who writes about games or projects I’m working on or what’s happening in the world. Not AI-generated since 2012, despite what ZeroGPT says. Except the images. :)

The 2023 Baldur’s Gate 3 Playthrough Index

State of the Site

1,550 words.

How my static blog works, summer 2023 edition, with nifty diagrams. (1550 words.)

The Imminent Blaugust - July 2023

2,606 words.

Blaugust 2023, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, blog site updates and microblogging, a nutritional reset, and more, in the summer heat. (2606 words.)

The Coming Blaugust - July 2023

1,522 words.

Blaugust 2023, a little Pathfinder, setting up an ActivityPub server, what I’ve been watching, and a little more. (1522 words.)

Data Loss - May 2023

2,026 words.

Party-based RPGs, ChatGPT-powered Twitch embeds, and catastrophic NAS failures. (2026 words.)

The Cliff - May 2023

1,861 words.

Redfall flops, Party-based RPGs, Baldur’s Gate videos, Kubernetes, and the news. A relatively uneventful time slice of life. (1861 words.)

Bendy and the Dark Revival

778 words.

As luck would have it, May’s Humble Choice includes Bendy and the Dark Revival, which is a game that I picked up on Steam a few months ago. (778 words.)

Humble Sir Brante

393 words.

It’s an average choose-your-own-adventure game. (393 words.)

Ignorance Is Strength - March 2023

1,906 words.

It was so warm in February that flowers bloomed early and covered my car with pollen. But today we cower in fear of the Ides of March. (1906 words.)

Video Essay - Making Game Videos

2,722 words.

I’ve been uploading game videos to my YouTube channel for about eight years now, and as my first foray into video essays, I decided to make a video about how I do it. (2722 words.)