This is a consolidated daily digest of the micro-blogging I do on my GoToSocial federated instance, so you don’t have to figure out how to follow people in the fediverse.

It’s way easier to create and execute a single paragraph of content quickly and spontaneously than it is to do the same for an entire blog post.

If you’re interested in seeing these thought-bursts in near-realtime, you have two choices: You can figure out how to follow @ultrviolet@gts.endgameviable.com (here) from an ActivityPub-compatible account (e.g. Mastodon), or you can subscribe to that account’s GoToSocial RSS feed at https://gts.endgameviable.com/@ultrviolet/feed.rss. (The RSS only displays public notes that aren’t replies, though.) Otherwise, daily digests should appear in the main blog’s feed a day later, long after I’ve forgotten what I said.