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Microblogging Journal through 5/20/2024

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Microblogging Journal through 5/20/2024

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Monday 05/13

  • 10:48 # My weird Pathfinder rabbit hole exploration continues. I’m fascinated by the “Recall Knowledge” concept, which, based on how I see it used in the Glass Cannon world, might as well be called “Let Me Metagame In A Way That People Won’t Yell At Me For Metagaming.” It’s such a weird thing to put into a tabletop game with codified rules.

  • 16:38 # My house has two 4-lamp fluorescent light fixtures in the kitchen, and they’ve now both died. I will soon be learning how to replace a fluorescent light ballast I guess, or else have to use a flashlight in my kitchen for the remainder of my time here, which, imo, just might be a viable life hack. Based on my life experience with fluorescent lights, I don’t really know why they exist. They seem like a stain on human existence.

Tuesday 05/14

  • 10:34 # I’m trying an experiment in switching from coffee to tea, and so far I have to report that tea is not any less disgusting than coffee.

Sunday 05/19

  • 19:09 # So far the loss of coffee hasn’t bothered me much. Trying different kinds of black tea as a substitute. No caffeine-related headaches in the first week.

  • 23:02 # Been playing Manor Lords today which is a great game to play when you don’t want to play a game but instead would rather listen to a podcast or show but you don’t want to just stare at a wall while listening to a show. It’s a bit like Banished. But … it’s also somewhat obviously not finished yet. Not buggy, just missing quality of life features that seem to me like they’re pretty important in a game about micro-management.

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