Introducing myself, and a git blunder at work. Four microblogging bits from Wednesday. #activitypub #development

Wednesday Bits

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Wednesday Bits

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08:42 # I see a lot of Blaugustians introducing themselves, which is cool. I don’t like to do that though. :) I have a pretty strong aversion to talking about myself. I’m generally only interested in talking about work that I produce or activities I’m doing. Anything to distract people from finding out I’m a pretty boring person with no personality or sense of self. But yeah, I’m an old man in my 50s now, I play games, record game videos, write stuff, and work remotely from the east coast as a software engineer for a fairly big west coast company. That’s about as far as I can go without breaking into a sweat. But if you want to talk about software algorithms, or compression settings for audio tracks, or how to get past that one spot in that one game, or something like that, I can do that all day. #introduction

17:37 # Well I’ve made the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my entire history with git today. 5 days ago, I incorrectly merged my local branch into local main, instead of the other way around, merging main into my local branch, which made everything weird. I only realized my mistake today. There’s probably an advanced git power user way to fix this problem without making a new branch, but for me, it’s just easier and faster to make a new branch and cherry-pick my commits from the bad branch to the new branch. Have to make a new PR though, which is kind of annoying. #development #dayjob

18:58 # And, as predicted, I just realized I haven’t been running the script to upload Pathfinder: Kingmaker videos in the mornings for a few days now. I really need to add that to the Task Scheduler. #videos

19:02 # In fediverse news, I’m baffled over why, when I post a note from to GoToSocial, some hashtags end up linked and some don’t. I can’t tell if it’s a bug or some diabolical scheme. I don’t really need them to be linked or indexed for my purposes, it’s just weirdly inconsistent. #activitypub

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