Blogger archetypes, and a burrito bowl update. Four microblogging bits from Tuesday. #nutrition #blogging #blog

Tuesday Bits

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Tuesday Bits

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07:54 # It occurs to me this morning that bloggers broadly fall into distinct archetypes: Biographers, instructors, entrepreneurs, developers, and social butterflies. The biographer makes a blog to journal about themselves and their life. The instructor makes a blog to explain things and provide a resource. The entrepreneur makes a blog to get their name out there and maybe make some money. The developer makes a blog to tinker under the hood with web development. The social butterfly makes a blog to join or build a community. They aren’t mutually exclusive archetypes: I’m a mix of the biographer and the developer. I started this with only 3 archetypes but it grew to 5 pretty quickly as I thought more about it. There are probably others. #blog

08:03 # Incidentally, I solved the one-day-off problem from last night in the laziest way possible: I did not, in fact, write an entire post from scratch for today–I simply removed the date from the post title. #blog

[It remains blatantly obvious that today’s blog entry was actually written yesterday. But that’s pretty common in blogging.]

08:46 # Another side benefit of reseting my diet a couple weeks ago back to something that has actual nutritional content is that my sleep schedule has improved dramatically in the last week. I don’t have to sleep as long, I’m not as groggy when I wake up, and I crash less in the afternoon or after work. It’s super annoying, because I hate having to think about what I eat. #nutrition

18:57 # Day 4 of meal leftovers from the burrito bowl-like substance I made Saturday. The beef/bean/rice mixture gets a bit dry in the refrigerator but adding a little water before microwaving fixes it up. I think I might get to 6 days of meals out of it. No, I don’t mind eating the same thing every night if it means I only have to spend a few minutes preparing it every night. #nutrition

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