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  • Blogging Pep Talk. 2021-07-21.

    Blaugust 2021 is coming soon! It’s fun! Do it! If you want. I’m not your mom.

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  • Old Post Prompts. 2021-07-22.

    Here’s a list of some old posts that I’m going to mine for topic ideas this Blaugust, which may or may not turn into a fruitful strategy.

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  • Tuesday Bits. 2023-08-02. Blogger archetypes, and a burrito bowl update. Four microblogging bits from Tuesday. #nutrition #blogging #blog
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  • State of the Site. 2023-08-03. How my static blog works, summer 2023 edition, with nifty diagrams.
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  • Monday Bits. 2023-08-22. Baldur’s Gate 3 and writing down blog ideas. Five microblogging bits from Monday. #baldursgate3 #blogideas
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  • The Sudden Urge To Rebuild The Site. 2023-11-16. Brainstorming from back in May about new blog site ideas.
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  • Trying Commentbox. 2023-11-21. Out of nowhere I decided to try a new comment hosting solution, and it was easy.
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