Saturday Bits 7/29/2023

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Saturday Bits 7/29/2023

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09:22 # I’m going to the grocery store this morning for the second week in a row with the intention of buying basic foods to make reasonably appetizing and nutritionally sufficient food for the remainder of the week with little or no effort beyond heating up leftovers. Last week it was something resembling chicken fajitas made in a crock pot, this time I’m going to experiment with making something resembling burrito bowls, which I’ve never made before and I will be making them super dangerously without any recipes. #nutrition

11:51 # A typical problem encountered while trying to find food that isn’t bad for you at a typical grocery store: I bought a 16 oz can of refried beans to assist in making something resembling a burrito bowl, and it has 460mg of sodium per serving. A serving size is 1/2 cup, which is 4 oz. So this tiny little can contains 1840mg of sodium, which is A LOT. Almost a day’s allotment of sodium intake in one small can. That means I have to divvy this out in minimal portions per day or my heart will explode (dramatic exaggeration). Which increases food preparation complexity because I have to store the excess leftovers for many days, which defeats the entire premise of making things easy and zero-effort. Hrm. Tackling food like it’s a software development automation problem. That’s my vibe. #nutrition

14:32 # I accidentally said Gurgle instead of Google and I think I want to call it that from now on, as a not-so-subtle metaphor for how annoying and useless Googling has become to the modern Internet research connoisseur.

18:42 # I can’t believe it but it actually worked. Tonight I made something resembling a beef burrito/taco salad bowl by cooking and mixing up hamburger, a can of refried beans, a package of mexican rice, some taco seasoning, and because I was feeling especially ambitious today, a chopped up onion instead of onion powder. Put some of the mix in a bowl and cover it with some tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese, like a salad. I can heat up one of these a night for probably 5 nights and it takes about 5 minutes. Lots of salt from the pre- packaged stuff isn’t ideal but it’s pretty dern good and it even looks edible. Cooking hamburger in a pan is kind of a messy pain but the averaged out effort-per-meal-day is still acceptable. #nutrition

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