Snapshot for Monday 7/24/2023

255 words.

09:07 Last night in Pathfinder: Kingmaker, the party investigated Jaethal’s own murder (she’s undead) and found that she’s being hunted by Enneo the Merchant aka. Wanderer, because of a rivalry between the gods Urgathoa and Pharasma (yes, all names in Pathfinder were created with a random name generator). Also Tessie the Quill, an old friend of Linzi’s, arrived in the capital of Tuskdale.

09:23 Completed uploads of my entire Solasta: Crown of the Magister campaign playthrough to YouTube. Was thinking of taking a huge chance and starting to upload my Pathfinder: Kingmaker videos (resuming from after the first 12 I uploaded in 2021), even though I’m nowhere near finishing the game yet. But, because of my recent NAS crash, I really want to backup the videos on YouTube instead of just sitting on them. I’ve developed a whole new set of python scripts to upload the videos, which uses ffmpeg to combine the original high quality OBS recordings, a small logo overlay, and the audio mix, for the highest possible video upload (and biggest file size I don’t want to keep or play locally).

12:58 Struggling with a desire to get Remnant II when it comes out. On the one hand, the first five or six hours of Remnant: From the Ashes was decent, and it had some cool lore. On the other hand, the remaining time in the game was a slog of boring repetition through procedurally-generated sameness, punctuated by deeply annoying boss fights. But maybe they learned some lessons from the first game?

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