Wednesday Bits 7/19/2023

237 words.

08:41 It’s started raining this morning so Marbles the yellow stray cat can’t go back outside after getting his breakfast in the kitchen. During the summer he’s not inside very much, he prefers to hang out near the back porch or in the yard. Probably because he knows he’s not particularly welcome inside by the other cat who lives here.

08:46 I woke up with a sore neck. It’s annoying. However, to balance out that personal injustice, I slept all the way through the night, which is very rare.

18:21 Wild Wild Country is a fascinating documentary. The only thing I found lacking is they never explained a) what was the deal with that color and b) what was the deal with their obsession with videotaping everything constantly, like they were livestreaming their lives 30+ years before Twitch existed. #netflix

19:48 Why does Netflix keep repeatedly recommending the same true crime documentaries I’ve already watched? Is it because they know that when you binge-watch these things you forget the entire subject matter within five minutes of the end of the show?

21:43 Feeding my own writing into ZeroGPT and finding it 25% likely to be AI- generated gave me the idea to look into adding something to the blog that would automatically display an AI-likelihood rating on every blog post, for comedic effect, but so far I can only find costly for-profit APIs to do such things.

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