Tuesday Bits 7/18/2023

230 words.

09:03 Hey hey I see some things that aren’t me on my timeline this morning. Federation has been achieved from the comfort of my own home. However I still don’t precisely know how to use this account. Personal note-taking? Diary of deep dark secrets? Screaming about everything in the world that I hate? A notification service? The possibilities are endless. Well, within the bounds of the client software that can connect to the server, that is, which is somewhat limited, to be honest. And now it’s time for work.

10:35 Here’s a fun fact exclusively for the fediverse. I mean, unless you happen to have the URL for this post, in which case it’s for everyone on the Internet. This is the original screenshot that served as the source of my avatar image for endgameviable all these years. It was taken in November of 2013 in the game RIFT. I was standing on the beach of Ember Isle. It’s almost ten years old now. I haven’t played very much RIFT since then.

20:55 Now watching Wild Wild Country. Not quite a true crime docudrama. I guess there aren’t any more on Netflix to recommend to me. Anyway, this one is an interesting microcosm of modern times that played out in early 80s Oregon. The classic trope battle of the rural conservative versus the progressive elite that rages on today. #netflix

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