Monday Bits 7/17/2023

190 words.

08:05 I’m back to this morning. It’s a minimalist UI, but it seems to be the most compatible with GoToSocial (also the one they recommend). Searching for accounts to follow works, whereas it doesn’t in Statuzer. And I worked out how to set the default to public posts, which was my main complaint with it.

08:16 I asked ChatGPT to clarify the difference between “public” and “unlisted” posts. It’s basically the same as YouTube. They’re both unrestricted, but public posts are discoverable, whereas unlisted ones aren’t. And I think GoToSocial indexes hashtags only on the public posts.

08:23 To followup, it appears that GoToSocial’s search api does indeed search remotely, but for some unknown reason it didn’t work when invoked from Statuzer. I can technically run a search in Semaphore, which caches the search result in the local database, then go search in Statuzer and have it work, but that’s kind of awkward. Easier just to use Semaphore to begin with.

08:26 Weird that different clients have different reply behavior. Semaphore doesn’t stick a mention at the beginning, whereas Statuzer does. There’s no rules and the world is chaos.

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