Wednesday Bits 7/12/2023

181 words.

08:54 I’ve been working on a whole new set of scripts (in Python this time) to manage indexing and uploading sets of videos to YouTube. There’s one script that indexes a directory of videos and produces a YAML index file, in which I can customize titles and descriptions, and there’s another script that uploads the next available video, which I can schedule to run daily with Windows Task Scheduler. Almost ready to start running it.

12:24 And there’s a CloudFront distribution setup in front of my gotosocial server. Hopefully this will still post correctly.

12:26 I believe I’ve successfully setup an AWS CloudFront distribution in front of my gotosocial server. The only thing that still doesn’t work is loading the avatar images but I think that’s a problem with the gotosocial server and not the proxying.

21:28 Of course the CloudFront distribution didn’t actually work and I had to tinker with it for quite some time to get the configuration to work right. But I think it’s working now. This update should be evidence of that since it’s going through CloudFront.

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