Sunday Bits 7/23/2023

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08:19 Since I felt rotten yesterday I put off mowing and the grocery store until today. This morning, the looming specter of responsibility presses down on me, robbing me of my free will for much of the day. It stinks. Then again, by global standards, not worth complaining about.

09:19 Pathfinder: Kingmaker Spoilers. Played some more Pathfinder:Kingmaker yesterday. Found the missing kid Tig with the lizardfolk and returned him to her mother, dispatching the evil spirit posing as the Great Ancestor. Finally went solo to find the Guardian of the Bloom nymph at the Verdant Chambers, with calamitous results–had to do a lot of save-scumming to escape it. Finished three companion quests: Amiri killed a hodag (actually Amiri was knocked unconscious by a hodag and the rest of the party killed it), Linzi stole money to buy a printing press, and Valerie refused to return to the Order of the Eternal Rose. She got a big scar across her face in a losing duel with Fredero Sinnet (she couldn’t even hit him a single time because he had an AC of 29! Not a fair fight!).

09:52 The biggest problem I have with playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker is that it’s such a text-intensive game that my voice wears out from talking so much. Only three game sessions yesterday but at the end I felt the rawness in my vocal cords. I find the game very enjoyable–if complex and frustrating at times– but it’s physically and mentally demanding for me to play it, so I keep putting it off. :)

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