Friday Bits 7/21/2023

182 words.

12:10 Today I learned about an upcoming From Software game called Armored Core VI. There have apparently been five previous games. I’ve been a devout From Software Soulsbourne disciple since 2015 and I’ve never heard of any of them until this morning. The gameplay trailer reveals it’s a mech fighting game. It looks cool, but it’s not my kind of game. It the kind of arcade game that might be fun for an hour or so, before descending into mindless repetition. A wait-for-a-sale game.

18:12 My faith in what my fellow denizens of the Internet have to say about most topics is thus: I’m hearing that the new Diablo IV patch is an epic disaster more disastrous than whatever the last trending epic disaster was, so, while I wait for the game to update, I fully expect to log in and have no problems whatsoever.

19:18 In fact I was able to log into the calamitous Diablo IV patch with no issues. But then, my highest level character is only 15, so I can’t actually get into the new season thing anyway.

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