Snapshot for Tuesday 7/25/2023

140 words.

08:30 Pathfinder: Kingmaker Spoilers Last night the party ventured forth to the Dwarven Ruins to deal with the Troll Trouble once and for all. We found that trolls and kobolds had moved in and renamed the place Trobold. A friendly, helpful troll named Jazon, who I immediately nicknamed Jazzy, explained that the trolls and kobolds of Trobold strived to live in peace and would no longer attack people. Ekun and Amari grumbled about letting Jazzy go, but later the party satiated their insatiable blood lust by slaying all the trolls and kobolds around the entrance to the ruins anyway.

09:02 That’s two successful YouTube uploads now with the new Python uploading script. I’m writing and replacing all my shell-type scripts with Python instead of PowerShell. Not least because I lost almost all of my PowerShell scripts in the NAS crash.

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