Wednesday Bits 7/26/2023

364 words.

09:03 Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Last night the party (consisting of the damage-heavy lineup Amiri, Regongar, Harrim, Ekun, Kanerah, and Harwell, the Vivisectionist Baron of Harland (that’s me!)) pushed into the outer courtyard of the Dwarven Ruins, where they encountered resistance from branded and rock-throwing trolls and an assortment of kobold sentinels and snipers. Amiri and Regongar both went down before the battle was over (because I didn’t rest between fights), but the area was eventually cleared. Harwell used his new Haste spell which hastes not just one person, but every ally within 30 feet, to give everyone an extra attack per round (Ekun had 4 attacks per round! And one of them is a split arrow that hits twice!), a ridiculously overpowered spell that I intend to use in every battle from now on.

09:20 I haven’t yet scheduled my new YouTuber uploading process so I have to remember to go to my PC and type python every morning to send the next part of the Pathfinder: Kingmaker series to YouTube. Not ideal. I will definitely, positively forget to run it every day.

09:25 You may or may not have noticed some new “Snapshot” posts on the blog. Those are the result of running a script which captures the previous day’s posts from GoToSocial and then creates a Markdown digest post to insert into the blog content. It’s an experiment. I have to run it manually, which means, as previously mentioned, means I will invariably forget to run it until I work out how to automate it. It runs from my MacBook, though, and I don’t know how to schedule automated tasks in MacOS. (That’s where I do all my blog post editing and posting.)

19:04 Implemented a rudimentary spoiler protection on the blog, for when GoToSocial posts with spoiler protection are inserted into a post. Unfortunately, it’s worthless for the RSS feed. So the spoilers will hit you full in the face if you’re reading the blog’s RSS, which, I assume, every blog reader is. Unfortunately, Hugo doesn’t have the ability to render different content to HTML and RSS. At least, not in a way that’s easy enough for me to bother trying.

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