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  • On The Radar For 2015. 2015-03-30. Last time I did this. Note that some games aren’t on the following list because I have either a) forgotten about them, or b) never heard of them. MMORPGs I’m Looking Forward To These are games that I’m still anxiously awaiting the opportunity to play, because I haven’t yet seen or heard anything to wreck my enthusiasm. Black Desert. I keep seeing good things. Skyforge. I keep hearing good things.
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  • The Cliff - May 2023. 2023-05-15.

    Redfall flops, Party-based RPGs, Baldur’s Gate videos, Kubernetes, and the news. A relatively uneventful time slice of life.

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  • Data Loss - May 2023. 2023-05-31.

    Party-based RPGs, ChatGPT-powered Twitch embeds, and catastrophic NAS failures.

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  • The Coming Blaugust - July 2023. 2023-07-15.

    Blaugust 2023, a little Pathfinder, setting up an ActivityPub server, what I’ve been watching, and a little more.

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  • Snapshot for Monday 7/24/2023. 2023-07-25. 09:07 Last night in Pathfinder: Kingmaker, the party investigated Jaethal’s own murder (she’s undead) and found that she’s being hunted by Enneo the Merchant aka. Wanderer, because of a rivalry between the gods Urgathoa and Pharasma (yes, all names in Pathfinder were created with a random name generator). Also Tessie the Quill, an old friend of Linzi’s, arrived in the capital of Tuskdale. 09:23 Completed uploads of my entire Solasta: Crown of the Magister campaign playthrough to YouTube.
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  • Wednesday Bits 7/26/2023. 2023-07-27. 09:03 Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Last night the party (consisting of the damage-heavy lineup Amiri, Regongar, Harrim, Ekun, Kanerah, and Harwell, the Vivisectionist Baron of Harland (that’s me!)) pushed into the outer courtyard of the Dwarven Ruins, where they encountered resistance from branded and rock-throwing trolls and an assortment of kobold sentinels and snipers. Amiri and Regongar both went down before the battle was over (because I didn’t rest between fights), but the area was eventually cleared.
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  • The Imminent Blaugust - July 2023. 2023-07-31. Blaugust 2023, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, blog site updates and microblogging, a nutritional reset, and more, in the summer heat.
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  • Thursday Bits. 2023-08-04. New meals, and ChatGPT is the first computer thing I can’t explain. Seven microblogging bits from Thursday. #ai #blog #development #nutrition #pathfinderkingmaker #videos
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  • Start of Year - January 2024 Part 1. 2024-01-15. The 2024th one. Baldur’s Gate 3 finished. Warhammer Rogue Trader started. Juggling CRPG videos. Taskmaster, New Zealand, Australia, and Guy Montgomery. A new cataract enters the ring.
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