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  • On The Radar For 2015. 2015-03-30. Last time I did this. Note that some games aren’t on the following list because I have either a) forgotten about them, or b) never heard of them. MMORPGs I’m Looking Forward To These are games that I’m still anxiously awaiting the opportunity to play, because I haven’t yet seen or heard anything to wreck my enthusiasm. Black Desert. I keep seeing good things. Skyforge. I keep hearing good things.
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  • The Cliff - May 2023. 2023-05-15.

    Redfall flops, Party-based RPGs, Baldur’s Gate videos, Kubernetes, and the news. A relatively uneventful time slice of life.

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  • Data Loss - May 2023. 2023-05-31.

    Party-based RPGs, ChatGPT-powered Twitch embeds, and catastrophic NAS failures.

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  • Thursday Bits. 2023-08-04. New meals, and ChatGPT is the first computer thing I can’t explain. Seven microblogging bits from Thursday. #ai #blog #development #nutrition #pathfinderkingmaker #videos
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