New meals, and ChatGPT is the first computer thing I can’t explain. Seven microblogging bits from Thursday. #ai #blog #development #nutrition #pathfinderkingmaker #videos

Thursday Bits

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Thursday Bits

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08:44 # Starting the day today with the classic splitting-headache-upon-waking up situation. A real bummer after feeling reasonably good for the last week or so. I usually attribute these mornings to my neck being out of alignment during sleep for too long. Have dispatched two ibuprofen to resolve this human hardware failure. #health

13:03 # I ran out of burrito bowl mix last night, so it produced 5 meals of about 75 mg of protein each (based on ChatGPT calculations). To fill out the remainder of the week’s non-unhealthy meals, I have just chopped up the two chicken breasts I also got on Saturday and put them in a crock pot with one can of diced tomatoes, and a little can of tomato paste, onion powder, and garlic powder, in an attempt to make something resembling chicken parmesan for hopefully 3 days. ChatGPT is telling me that will be roughly 55 mg of protein per day. #nutrition

13:37 # I did remember to setup Task Scheduler to automate uploading Pathfinder: Kingmaker videos last night, but what I forgot to do was update my access tokens. The YouTube API tokens expire every week because YouTube hates small channels. That’s been corrected today. #videos

13:56 # Ha lesson learned: I just noticed that those GoAT diagrams do NOT work in the RSS feed. The RSS version contains random letter gibberish in the places where there’s supposed to be a nice diagram. At least in InoReader. #blogging

15:25 # It’s occurred to me recently that ChatGPT might be one of the first computer science technologies I’ve seen that I genuinely don’t understand how it works. I don’t know how it’s possible that I can type in a natural language question, have it understand the context and nuance of what I’m asking, and get a correct response more often than not. I always thought the “Star Trek Computer” that recognized your voice and carried out your commands was laughably impossible, until I saw ChatGPT. I still think it’s impossible, in the sense that I don’t understand how it works. But I can demonstrably see the evidence that all the pieces exist now to make it work. Weird times. #development #ai

20:37 # I’ve had Baldur’s Gate 3 for probably two years now but I’ve only played an hour of the early access. Now that it’s launched, I re-installed it this evening. This could put a damper on my adventures in Pathfinder: Kingmaker, where Harwell’s Heroes are still standing around outside the Troll Lair patiently waiting to go down the stairs to the second level. #baldursgate3 #pathfinderkingmaker

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