Blog development notes, my first writing on the Internet in the Wayback Machine, and a first look at Remnant 2. Six microblogging bits from Monday. #gaming #remnant2 #blog

Monday Bits

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Monday Bits

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07:57 # I worked out how to add a Hugo auto-generated table of contents to these big newsletter posts and finally fixed the summary line so it isn’t duplicated in the post page. Unfortunately I have to manually edit every previous post to move the summary from the first paragraph of the post up to a summary parameter of the front matter. A problem for another day, and let’s be honest, probably a script or regular expression search and replace because ain’t no way I’m going through a hundred files to copy-and-paste a paragraph from one place to another place. #blog

08:56 # From March 13, 1997, this could very well be the first recorded evidence of my pseudonymous “blogging” on the Internet, in The Wayback Machine: The entries by “Sal” (my Quake name at the time was Salamander) were written and published by me. As I recall, this form of blogging was achieved by hand- editing HTML documents in Microsoft Frontpage on either Windows 3.1 or NT, and then published by uploading the documents to the web host using FTP access. I would have either been using a dial-up modem or an ISDN connection to the Internet (I don’t remember exactly when I got the ISDN but it was in that time period). Prior to 1997, I wasn’t active in news groups so I doubt I’d show up in searches there (that was my older brother’s thing). Otherwise, my public writing probably would have only appeared on long-dead BBSes or something called BIX, an Amiga-related developer message board of sorts, created by long-dead BYTE magazine, none of which are likely to be archived anywhere. And any of that early-early pre-Internet stuff would likely be under my real name. #blog #history #quake

18:17 # Unexpected chaos at work when a customer showed up with issues, which turned out to be problems in our build pipeline, which was completely broken. Configuration files weren’t getting to the host machine anymore. Had to drop everything and comb through seemingly thousands of lines of build log files to get all that straightened out, so didn’t get much actual development work done. (I’m on-call this week for problems like this.) It still isn’t completely resolved, but it was resolved enough to help the customer, at least. (“Customers,” in this case, are usually fellow employees in far flung reaches of the company who happen to use our team’s internal services.) #devops #dayjob

18:45 # I’m determined to try Remnant 2 tonight, on this, the fourth or fifth day in a row that I’ve told myself I was going to try Remnant 2 tonight. #gaming #remnant2

20:42 # I played Remnant 2 for an hour. It’s not significantly better or worse than the first game. It’s getting returned until a big sale. #gaming #remnant2

20:48 # I’ve identified a rather large problem with the entire framework of my microblogging system. The blog post digests are all offset by a day. So my first post on 8/1 will have actually been written on 7/31. Which is wrong. I can’t post my 8/1 writing until 8/2. So there’s going to be a one-day hole in my Blaugust schedule. So I either have to think of something really quick to post tomorrow, or just live with there being a hole there. #blog

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