Thursday Bits 7/27/2023

589 words.

08:27 # I’m not sure but I feel like the timestamp for these posts (they are technically called “notes” in ActivityPub) are off by an hour when they get to the blog. I’m typing this at 8:26 am.

09:14 # A problem I’m almost positive that I’ve struggled with since around the year 2003: How to display microblogging content on the same page and in the same RSS feed with blogging content. They simply don’t mix. But I want them to mix, dammit.

09:52 # On the blog, I’ve been tinkering with what is displayed on the web page, in the rss feed, and in the sitemap, in an effort to make the daily microblogging digests slightly less overwhelming to the site. At this moment, I don’t think I want to have the daily microblogging digests as part of the main feed or site, because it’s a bit of a firehose. I’ll add it to the “Endgame Viable Firehose” RSS feed, which is a big aggregation of the blog, the YouTube channel, and anything else I can bring in through an RSS. That feed is:

09:58 # Pathfinder: Kingmaker. It’s occurred to me that TTRPG adventuring parties traditionally have group names, for some inexplicable reason. I will name my Pathfinder: Kingmaker group Harwell’s Heroes. It’s not reflective of their conduct in the slightest. Anyway, last night, Harwell’s Heroes entered the Dwarven Ruins and encountered the troll leader Hargulka. I tried to negotiate and make allies of the trolls. It didn’t work, presumably because of railroading. Hargulka ran off. After dispatching a pair of trolls handily, we went left, and ran into Ekundayo’s target of revenge: The rock troll Kargadd, who had killed his family. We mercilessly slew him and his children, in a fight that turned out to be super easy, barely an inconvenience. Next in this bloody rampage, we need to chase down Hargulka himself.

10:03 # And I’ve immediately changed my mind on the blog’s rss feed. I’ll include the microblogging digests in the rss feed, but not display them on the front page of the site. Which means I’ll immediately revert the changes I just made to the “Endgame Viable FIrehose” feed.

10:54 # I have to document my findings on a food thing I just tried: Sliced up hard- boiled eggs on wheat toast, with some mustard on top. On paper, it’s perfect: Super easy to prepare, protein from the eggs, fiber from the bread. Solid nutritional value. In practice, it was a disaster. It failed miserably on one of the most important criteria for me which is that it must be easy to eat while doing something else at the same time. This was an explosion of crumbs and egg debris all over the place that was difficult to cut up with a fork. Also, wheat bread is generally gross. Unless it’s surrounding a sandwich to mask the taste, it’s like choking down the most disgusting medicine imaginable. Two thumbs down, will never do again. Back to just picking up a hard boiled egg from the fridge and eating it.

20:34 # Made a few changes on the blog throughout the day, mainly around the display of the “microblog” digests. Filled in a backlog of digests going back to 7/2, which was the first day that I had GoToSocial running. Would be nice if I could work out how to display the microblog list page in a calendar layout instead of just a list of links, but that’s a problem for another day.

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