Friday Bits 7/28/2023

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Friday Bits 7/28/2023

11:27 # Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Last night, Harwell’s Heroes continued slaughtering their way through the Troll Lair (formerly Dwarven Fortress) in pursuit of the troll king Hurgulka. (Hargulka? Hrgulkyula? Something like that. The names all run together when they’re randomly-generated.) The party handily slew every Troll and Trollhound in their path, clearing out the first level with ease, and triggering Moon and Sun Disc switches of unknown function. It was so easy I didn’t even bother using the overpowered Haste spell. It’s somewhat rare for me to blow through combat in Pathfinder: Kingmaker–it sadly results in uninteresting video content, except for the one note found from a previous Dwarven commandant. At the end of it, the party found stairs descending downwards, where the lower level awaits.

21:08 # I’ve generated an assortment of DALL-E images to use as headers for the microblogging digest posts, and adjusted the extraction script to rotate through eight of them, so that something other than a boring old title and description shows up when you paste a link into a place like Discord. #blog #development #ai

21:20 # Writing code in an unfamiliar language in 1 minute instead of god knows how many minutes: 1) “In python, how do I do a regular expression string replacement of every instance of , for example,[#blog](<>.*) with #blog?” 2) “Now do the same replacement but make blog match any word.” 3) “Now change it so that it’s replaced with the same word that was matched, not always “blog”.” #development #ai

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