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Microblogging Journal through 5/6/2024

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Microblogging Journal through 5/6/2024

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Tuesday 04/30

  • 20:56 # Oh. My extreme interest in blogging has been such that I didn’t notice my blog builds had been failing for weeks. Whoopsie.

Wednesday 05/01

  • 09:18 # I wonder what it would be like to have a podcast app that neatly organizes the podcasts I wanted to listen to and plays them quickly and easily in the order and manner that I wished, and also maybe even kept track of where I was in each podcast. It’s apparently too much for modern technology to handle this herculean computing task, which is surely more complicated even than AI or crypto mining.

Thursday 05/02

  • 14:36 # I ordered an old print on demand hardback rulebook from DriveThruRPG and I wasn’t expecting it to be very good quality but it’s actually pretty good quality. Not as good as an original but better than I was expecting.

Friday 05/03

  • 17:45 # For some random reason unknown to me, YouTube popped up a recommendation for Bear McCreary’s All Along the Watchtower (Broadcast version) from Battlestar Galactica, and I clicked it, and it instantly brought me back to one of the most amazing sci-fi television moments in sci-fi television history. I remember almost nothing about that show, but I so vividly remember hearing that music and thinking, “oh this is a very cool track of music they’re playing over this dramatic moment” and then it turned out to be All Along the Watchtower and it just blew my mind. Have no idea what was happening story- wise in the show at the time but it’s one of the coolest musical cues in history. The broadcast version is so, so much better than the soundtrack version they released.

Saturday 05/04

  • 10:44 # I got an impossibly cheap electric sit/stand desk on sale to replace my gaming PC desk and I was going to set it up this weekend but now that I’m looking at the amount of work required to dismantle my old desk with two PCs and a hundred attached arms and a million cords it feels like maybe I’ll just leave the new box unopened forever.

  • 12:52 # I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet but Glass Cannon’s Time for Chaos is a really, really good Call of Cthulu actual play show. I don’t know what the worldwide consensus on Glass Cannon is but I feel like they’re doing a lot to inject some fresh energy into the actual play space, which is turning into a bunch of people doing cosplay and taking themselves too seriously. Everybody else that does Call of Cthulu shows always does these really boring, super serious dress-up episodes where everybody’s quiet and reserved and doesn’t move and stays in character and it’s just not fun to watch. Not so with Time for Chaos. No cosplay, doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it’s still funny, has great edge-of-your-seat storytelling, and scary as hell.

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