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Microblogging Journal through 4/15/2024

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Microblogging Journal through 4/15/2024

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Tuesday 04/09

  • 10:09 # In goofing around with my Phandelver and Below stuff, I’ve run across something that I imagine every single other programmer who attempts to run any kind of combat encounter runs into: The desire to write your own encounter tracker program, because literally none of the ones out there work quite the way you want them to work, and you firmly believe you can make one that’s better than any others. And I’ve reached the limitations of what I can (sanely) do with a Google spreadsheet.

Wednesday 04/10

  • 08:33 # I think I spend more time on the YouTube front page clicking on “don’t recommend channel” based on thumbnails than anything else. You’d think with their super advanced algorithm they might take note of that. But I guess the reality is that they DO take note of it and just feed me more and more and more of these videos that I “engage” with. “He must be really passionate about this to keep telling us he doesn’t want to see these!”

Thursday 04/11

  • 19:29 # Watching the first episode of Fallout and I have the same question as everyone else… why was the rotational pivot point of the vault door at the top instead of the bottom?? Just kidding. I actually have no idea what anyone has said about Fallout. But seriously why did the door rotate that way? That was so weird.

Saturday 04/13

  • 12:05 # I have no interest whatsoever in getting Fallout 76, which I have to assume is nothing more than one of those cash shop games, but I just watched the show and it’s 80% off so it seems like it would be wrong to not get it anyway.

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