A Baldur’s Gate 3 progress page. One microblogging bit from Wednesday. #blog #baldursgate3

Wednesday Bit

137 words.

Wednesday Bit

Dispatches from @ultrviolet@gts.endgameviable.com:

10:31 # I think I’ve finally worked out the cache problems, and have a new project page on the site which I hope to keep updated with my progress through Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s essentially a copy of the video descriptions I’m writing for each video I record (it’s almost impossible for me to play a game anymore without recording it, even if I don’t ever upload it), which turns into a nifty story narrative when you put them all together in a row. (Something I first tried with Elden Ring.) Massive spoiler warning, of course. https://endgameviable.com/page/baldurs-gate-progress/ #baldursgate3 #blog

(The inference there being that I’m probably going to put my Baldur’s Gate 3 dispatches on the progress page from now on. I didn’t like the potential for spoilers ending up in the RSS feed.)

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