Baldur’s Gate 3, sleep loss, and Palia semantics. Four microblogging bits from Thursday. #baldursgate3 #videos

Thursday Bits

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Thursday Bits

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08:01 # Oof. Rough morning. Too many days in a row staying up late like a crazy college kid. (Which, for me, is like an hour past my normal bed time.) It’s such a rare experience anymore to see a game that’s immersive enough for me to lose track of time. #baldursgate3

11:21 # It’s raining so I’m in a bit of a mood this morning. I thought the Palia closed beta was, like, a closed beta, but it turns out it was actually the early access launch. The open beta coming up in a day or so is the launch. We shouldn’t even sugar coat it by calling it a “soft launch.” It’s a launch with a disclaimer, which is basically the same as what every other “ongoing” game maker calls a launch. But I hear it’s fun, so what’s the harm in giving yet another company who doesn’t specialize in security an opportunity to accidentally lose my account credentials?

13:00 # I started making another Baldur’s Gate 3 short to tell the tale of a heroic hyena who escaped with one hit point remaining to notify a group of gnoll hunters of the imminent danger from an evil adventuring party. It’s quite an interesting artistic challenge to condense 30 minutes of game video down to a satisfying 1-minute narrative. #videos #baldursgate3

21:34 # Welp I just played Baldur’s Gate 3 for an hour and wasn’t recording the game audio, so that’s my excuse for re-loading a previous save from before two of my party died and the other two ran away. (I’m trying to see how far I can make it into this Tactician playthrough by “running away” instead of “just re-loading” before I run out of patience for buying resurrections. This will be the fourth reload so far.) #baldursgate3

(I’m tracking the number of Revivifies, Resurrections, and Reloads in my Tactician playthrough over on my Baldur’s Gate 3 Progress page.)

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