Installing Palia and video script debugging. Two microblogging bits from Friday. #palia #videos

Friday Bits

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Friday Bits

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08:18 # I’m installing Palia this morning to try the quote-unquote “open beta” sometime before the weekend is over. I don’t expect it to be a game for me. The label “cozy” is always offputting to me, because it feels like an abdication of any developer responsibility to put interactive fun into the game, leaving little more than idle clicking while socializing. I’ve also heard comparisons to Landmark, and Landmark, for me, was more of a busy work simulator and 3D modeling tool than a game. Also, when exactly did the default program install directory on Windows turn into C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\ProgramName? That seems … quite silly. #palia

08:48 # There was a bug in my video upload script that blocked my YouTube uploads for a few days. I don’t have any notifications for that so I only notice it when I randomly think about, find, and refresh my channel page in my always-open browser bursting with tabs, then see there’s nothing new on it. Some kind of notification about overnight script failures would probably be a good idea so I could see it as soon as I get up in the morning. #videos

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