Video descriptions, fickle gamers, and a BG3 update. Three microblogging bits from Monday. #baldursgate3 #videos #gaming

Monday Bits

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Monday Bits

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(Possible early-game Baldur’s Gate 3 spoilers near the bottom.)

08:40 # I see that my autonomous video uploading script has reached a streak of videos for which I didn’t write any descriptions. Writing video descriptions is hard. If I don’t write them immediately after recording, I never write them. It’s hard enough to give the video file a filename. But I’ve come to the conclusion in life that it’s better to upload videos with just a title and no description than to wait for descriptions to be written. Therefore, lots of my videos don’t have descriptions. And don’t even talk to me about thumbnails. Nobody’s watching my videos because they saw an eye-catching thumbnail. #videos

08:56 # It’s weird how a game like Redfall, which I never saw any bugs in, gets trashed and review bombed on launch and dies immediately, but a game like Baldur’s Gate 3, which is absolutely riddled with bugs–multiple bugs every game hour, disappearing UIs, cameras pointing the wrong way all the time, weird textures, doors that turn invisible, etc. etc.–gets an overwhelmingly positive review score. How fickle gamers are, and how useless review scores are. #gaming

23:23 # Baldur’s Gate 3. Tonight Tavi’s group explored the Forest, talked to a dog named Scratch, entered the Blighted Town, was propositioned by a Devil, made a deal with some ogres, found a secret laboratory with a cursed book in the cellar of an apothecary’s place. Don’t make the Ornate Mirror mad. #baldursgate3

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