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Microblogging Journal through 7/1/2024

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Microblogging Journal through 7/1/2024

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Tuesday 06/25

  • 08:22 # Sometimes the UPS powering my router and Linux NAS box just goes off for no reason. It did that last night. At first I suspected my cat was accidentally hitting the power button, but that seems unlikely. Anyway, it’s mildly annoying.

  • 08:35 # Been listening to The Dark Forest audiobook. Just got through “the space battle.” Yikes. I can’t think of any other science fiction books I’ve read like these. Can’t wait to see how Netflix ruins it hehe.

Thursday 06/27

  • 17:49 # Finished The Dark Forest audiobook. Started on the Death’s End audiobook. Now I understand where all the extra stuff I didn’t recognize in the Netflix show came from.

Friday 06/28

  • 08:28 # It’s a great day to have unplugged almost entirely from social media.

Saturday 06/29

  • 11:27 # I’m on the second-to-last episode of the 30-episode Three-Body Chinese series, and I can’t stop laughing at the way this guy on the radio keeps saying “the target is three kilometers from the zither” and the like.

  • 13:03 # Speaking of Three-Body, I snapped a picture of this bit that shows up in the corner of the Chinese show now and then, uploaded it to Copilot (the easiest one to get pictures into), and asked it to translate. It’s bothered me for the entire 30 episode run. What are those? Are they part of the story or something the network added? Copilot translated. It’s more-or-less what I expected: Basically a “join the conversation on Twitter and check out other streaming stuff” except for Weibo and Tencent Video. Anyway the point is AI is still pretty useful sometimes.

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