Pre-ordering Starfield and more Baldur’s Gate 3. Four microblogging bits from Tuesday.

Tuesday Bits

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Tuesday Bits

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09:57 # It’s day 4 of the 10-day Labor Day vacation. It seems like I should do something useful with this time, but so far I haven’t. I did, however, pre-order Starfield, because it occurred to me that the pre-launch time period fell within my vacation time. I don’t really plan to play it much until I finish Baldur’s Gate 3, though. It’s difficult for me to believe the first few hours of Starfield will be enough to make me forget about BG3. I’ve already seen some red flags that make me think it’s going to be a tedious game where they include stuff nobody actually wants anymore. #starfield #baldursgate3

11:34 # Baldur’s Gate 3. I think what I thought was Act 2 before in Baldur’s Gate 3 wasn’t actually Act 2, but now I’ve entered the Shadow Cursed Lands and got an achievement for leaving Act 1, so I guess I’m “officially” in Act 2 now. Ran into some lovely Shadow Cursed Vines. Not difficult, in that they don’t do much damage, but they’re kind of irritating, in that nobody can move and they impose disadvantage on most of the party’s attacks. #baldursgate3

15:01 # One thing I’m doing on day 4 of my vacation is fix/improve some things in my uploading script, so I can both resume uploading Pathfinder: Kingmaker videos, and also start uploading Baldur’s Gate 3 videos. #videos

22:49 # Baldur’s Gate 3. A lot of conversations in Baldur’s Gate 3 today in and around the Moonrise Tower. Met the illustrious Ketheric Thorm and his right-on-the-mic-diaphragm voice actor. Haven’t done this much talking to NPCs since the Grove, now that I think about it. There hasn’t been much story going on for quite a while, now suddenly in the Shadow-Cursed Lands everyone wants to talk again. Next it’s off to find somebody named Balthazar. #baldursgate3

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