A full day of Baldur’s Gate 3 instead of real life. Five microblogging bits from Saturday. #baldursgate3

Saturday Bits

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Saturday Bits

Dispatches from @ultrviolet@gts.endgameviable.com:

Definitely spoilers for Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate below. But, I mean, it’s been a couple weeks now and I’m pretty sure I’m the last person still in Act 1.

08:29 # Baldur’s Gate 3. Up and ready for a weekend of Baldur’s Gate 3. Got to deal with some Paladins of Tyr and a big spider. Last night I stumbled on a Zhentarim hideout and defeated a Gnoll Warlord. Maybe someday I’ll reach level 5, because I’ve been at level 4 for a loooong time, probably 80% of my play time so far. Or I’ll figure out what to do to progress the main story because at the moment, I have no idea. Maybe go to the Mountain Pass where the game says I shouldn’t go yet. Or possibly venture into the Underdark where the petrified statues are. #baldursgate3

12:21 # Baldur’s Gate 3. Paladin of Tyr dispatched, big spider dispatched, cursed book opened, but arg, still 51 xp short of level 5, which seems like the milestone that the game design is hinting I need to progress somewhere. Only place left to check out is the petrified statues in the Underdark, which seems pretty dangerous, but hey, we live for danger on Tactician difficulty. #baldursgate3

13:28 # When I watch a bit of the latest Critical Role on Twitch, I’m seeing the list of top recommended channels on the left returning to their normal state of mostly being hot tub channels, which I guess means that the Baldur’s Gate 3 era is over now. #baldursgate3

14:28 # Baldur’s Gate 3. Hrm I couldn’t figure out where to go next so I checked out the petrified statues in the Underdark. Big mistake. Don’t think we’re supposed to go there yet. :) And just beforehand, I had changed my party composition out of boredom to what turned out to be a bunch of useless duds. Pretty much a complete waste of a game session. #baldursgate3

19:02 # Baldur’s Gate 3. Level 5! The dream of the second barbarian attack has become a reality! Still don’t know where to go next though. I think I’ve been everywhere there is to go in the first zone. Surely they don’t want me to go back to the Underdark. That was ridiculous. It has to be the Mountain Pass I guess. Maybe the game won’t yell at me for being too low level anymore. #baldursgate3

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