Shockingly, it’s not Baldur’s Gate 3! Sorry, no, I’m being told it is. It always is. Three microblogging bits from Wednesday. #homeowner #baldursgate3

Wednesday Bits

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Wednesday Bits

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10:00 # Baldur’s Gate 3. I loathe puns (mostly because I’m terrible at creating them, but also because they’re dumb), but I’m ridiculously pleased with myself for coming up with the video title “Bear With Us, Druid Halsin” last night. #baldursgate3

17:14 # After many days, I finally realized the weird bird or cricket chirp I kept hearing was not any form of anima–it was a dying battery in a smoke detector in a back room. #homeowner

23:21 # Baldur’s Gate 3. Oh man. Lots more fighting in Baldur’s Gate 3 tonight. All the goblin leaders dispatched. Two of my people got kicked into bottomless pits and died instantly, had to be resurrected in camp later. Another 400 gold down the drain. #baldursgate3

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