Surprising no one, it’s more about Baldur’s Gate 3. Three microblogging bits from Monday. #baldursgate3 #palia

Monday Bits

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Monday Bits

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08:08 # My narrative descriptions of my Baldur’s Gate 3 adventures are getting out of hand. I need to cut them in half.

08:41 # Incidentally, I did not, in fact, launch Palia to try it out before the end of the weekend. There probably won’t be any other games or hobbies until I finish The Baldur’s Gate 3 Game Experience. Despite the massive number of bugs–seriously there are so many careless bugs in this game, you guys–and the absolutely horrible, tedious, antiquated 1990s inventory and party management UI, it’s the most immersive RPG experience I’ve played since Elden Ring, and it’s impossible for any other games to compete. This would be a truly amazing game if they’d just spent even a single moment streamlining any quality of life aspects of the game. I guess they had to leave something to improve for a Baldur’s Gate 4. #baldursgate3 #palia

21:36 # Baldur’s Gate 3. Pretty hilarious surgery attempt by Volo in camp tonight. Also, before that, a pretty large explosion in the Goblin Camp setup by moving a large number of smokepowder barrels next to a door, which, after a carefully thrown alchemist’s fire bottle, killed two guards on the other side of said door. I’m pretty sure I was supposed to go to the Goblin Camp first because the combat encounters there are cakewalks compared to the fifty thousand distractions on the way to the Goblin Camp. #baldursgate3

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