Three microblogging bits from Sunday. #baldursgate3 #videos #wheeloftime

Sunday Bits

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Sunday Bits

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09:27 # Hrm well this is a situation that my upload scripts did not anticipate. A successful upload from my end, but it’s stuck in an “uploading” and “pending” state according to YouTube. Do I wait for YouTube to self-correct or do I delete it and re-upload? #videos

10:25 # The Great Hunt audiobook finished. It was as confusingly rushed at the end as I remember it being. But I had completely forgotten the long and boring middle part, with good reason. “I’m not playing your Great Game!” For fifty chapters in a row. Yawn. Oh, epic high fantasy. Always a roller coaster of pacing. #wheeloftime

10:52 # Arrrrg I’m finding myself actively not wanting to play Baldur’s Gate 3 anymore. The city stuff at the end is just a slog. Everything in Act 1 and Act 2 is combat, combat, combat, but then suddenly in Act 3 everything is story, story, story. It’s almost like Act 3 is a sequel that should have been a totally different game. #baldursgate3

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