Six microblogging bits from Saturday. #weather #cats

Saturday Bits

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Saturday Bits

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07:04 # Bands of rain from Tropical Storm Ophelia started last night. Going to be a pretty wet day today, and of course I didn’t get a chance to clean out my gutters beforehand. Not much wind so far, just a lot of rain. The typical cyclone rain patterns of rain-quiet-rain-quiet-rain-quiet on repeat. #weather

07:24 # The biggest problem so far from tropical storm Ophelia is what to do with Marbles the outdoor cat. He typically only comes inside to eat and then goes back outside. Gracie the indoor cat doesn’t like him hanging around inside, and stalks and bullies him, hiding behind things and jumping out to surprise him whenever possible. They’re going to have to work out some sort of compromise or else I’ll have to consider kicking Marbles back out in the rain. (He can shelter from the rain on the back porch or in the garage though.) Going to be a wet day and a high maintenance cat day. #cats #weather

07:42 # Ah yay Marbles has found a dog bed to sleep on this morning and the cats have settled down enough that I can play a game. #cats #weather

12:16 # Outer bands of Ophelia have passed and now the inner bands have arrived. There were a few hours of respite earlier but now it’s raining again in earnest. Probably going to be raining pretty solidly from now until the end of the weekend, as what’s left of the eye will be passing almost directly over my house. These things don’t often pass over me directly, they usually go east or west of me. Not much wind really, just a lot of rain, and slow-moving. Like Gaston in ‘04. #weather

17:22 # Northern edge of what’s left of the eyewall now arriving, hopefully the last big band of rain for me. Still pretty much just rain and an occasionally gusty breeze. Still pretty annoying. Marbles the outdoor cat has been sleeping inside in a dog bed all day. #weather #cats

21:53 # And I guess that’s the end of Ophelia for me. Marbles couldn’t stand being inside anymore and is back out while the rain is almost completely stopped. #weather #cats

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