Two microblogging bits from Thursday. #wheeloftime #baldursgate3

Thursday Bits

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Thursday Bits

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08:15 # Hrm. I’m detecting some malaise over Baldur’s Gate 3, and that feeling that it’s a bit of chore to continue playing, meaning that I wouldn’t mind setting it aside to play or do something else. Normally this feeling takes me less than an hour to achieve in most games, but now I have apparently reached the maximum amount of time that I can sustain a single burst of hyperfocus on one game, which is somewhere near 200 hours according to Steam. #baldursgate3

22:26 # Pleased with Egwene’s scenes tonight. I was worried they were going to wimp out on the brutality of the Seanchan or just erase that part entirely. It was definitely one of the more memorable touchstones from the books for me. (Haven’t gotten to it yet in my re-read of The Great Hunt.) #wheeloftime

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