Two microblogging bits from Sunday. #baldursgate3 #wheeloftime

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Sunday Bits

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08:18 # Started listening to The Great Hunt audiobook again. Oh, Wheel of Time. Peak high fantasy writing. So juvenile, almost young adult writing. I’m really glad they removed most of the teenage angst from the show. All the kids in the books act so, so childish on almost every page. Every character conflict boils down to two people acting aggressively, selfishly immature. I suppose it’s an accurate reflection of real life, but still, I find myself rolling my eyes a lot whenever you hear the kids’ inner voices. #wheeloftime

14:57 # Baldur’s Gate 3. So I’ve crossed Wyrm’s Rock into the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate. Suddenly the game has flipped from 10% narrative and 90% combat to 10% combat and 90% narrative. Suddenly there are thousands and millions and billions of NPCs to talk to and shops to browse and streets to walk around in. #baldursgate3

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