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Spoilers below from Baldur’s Gate 3, Act 2, under the Moonrise Tower.

21:42 # Baldur’s Gate 3. I went wandering all around the rest of the Mindflayer Colony and stumbled into another fight with a zillion undead and one of the dreaded Death Shepherds. (Thankfully only one of them.) It was a pretty hairy fight but a clutch Fire Wall from Gale saved the party (well, it saved all but the one who was dead already) as wave after wave of zombies walked into it and died. It appears there’s no camping and no way out of this area until or unless you go to the final encounter, which was rather daunting last time. Fortunately I discovered that the Restoration Pods restore not only hit points, but all of your spell slots, too, so I can tackle that crazy fight with a fresh party for a change. Going to try once more on Tactician, then try on Balanced, then just do it on Explorer. I’m getting tired of not being finished with this game and there’s still a whole other Act to go. #baldursgate3

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