Two microblogging bits from Tuesday. #baldursgate3 #weather

Tuesday Bits

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Tuesday Bits

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Spoilers below for Baldur’s Gate 3, Act 2, under the Moonrise Tower.

07:50 # Looking like Hurricane Lee is going to hit Canada instead of the East Coast. I was worried because at first it looked like it might follow the same track as Isabel in 2003 which hit North Carolina and then went right over my house and knocked out power for 10 days. #weather

22:52 # Baldur’s Gate 3. It took 2.5 hrs but the rematch against Myrkul was a success on Tactician difficulty. It could not possibly have been a closer photo finish. Two of the party were down. Myrkul only had 7 hit points left (out of 297), and was about to strike down someone with a Finger of Death. But it was on fire, set by a summoned elemental a few rounds previous. At the start of its turn, the fire damage from the burning condition did just enough damage to kill it before what could have been a TPK. A wild ride. Exhausting. #baldursgate3

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