Saturday Bits 7/8/2023

164 words.

10:04 Watching a series called The Confession Tapes. Shows like this should be required viewing for young people so they have a better understanding of the justice system they have to live with, in the same way that you might teach young people about the dangers of poisonous snakes and car batteries. #netflix

10:41 Got a social security statement. My retirement year is 2036, but I can retire early in 2031 for less benefits, or I can delay retirement until 2039 for more benefits. This is the first time in my life I’ve looked at a retirement date and seen it as anything other than “too far in the future to be real.” 2031 is only 8 years from now… a long time, but a small enough number to be fathomable. It’s somewhat comforting to see that I currently qualify for disability benefits if I were to become disabled, which in my case would most likely be related to my eyes or my back.

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