Giving up on Tactician difficulty. Four microblogging bits from Saturday.

Saturday Bits

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Saturday Bits

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Potential spoilers for Baldur’s Gate 3, Act 2, in the area of the Last Light Inn.

10:15 # I just saw that Astarion is getting added to Idle Champions. Can we at least agree that Astarion shouldn’t be the primary mascot for Baldur’s Gate 3? I mean… everybody agrees he’s the most annoying companion, right? I’d rank every other companion above him. Even Lae’zel, who is also pretty annoying. Ah well. Different strokes I guess. #baldursgate3

13:57 # Baldur’s Gate 3. So I’ve officially reduced the difficulty on my playthrough from Tactician to Balanced to preserve some of my sanity. Still challenging, but a lot less unfair. I kind of regret it, but I think Tactician is more suited to a playthrough where you know what to expect in each fight beforehand. I’m now going to go to all the places I walked past in the Shadow Cursed Lands, now that I can see how hard the fights are at the end of the Gauntlet of Shar. Reached level 7, so now I have four party members with a level 4 spell, but otherwise seems like a pretty lame level up from 6 to 7. I even used the Adamantine Sword, which I didn’t expect to ever use, so I guess the stupid Grym fight was worthwhile after all. #baldursgate3

16:48 # And now we play the “was that a harmless creeper vine or was it dangerous poison ivy that will ruin my life for over a week” waiting game. #homeowner

22:10 # Baldur’s Gate 3. Big stuff just went down in Baldur’s Gate 3. Had a lot of the same vibes as The Great Massacre at The Grove. Pros: Met a companion from the first game. Cons: They died really fast. I’m not a good spy. I’m starting to suspect the Dream Guardian Lady doesn’t have my best interests at heart, and is just set on destroying anyone or anything to get what she wants. #baldursgate3

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