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Possible Baldur’s Gate 3 spoilers below.

07:35 # Baldur’s Gate 3. Yesterday was the buggiest day yet in Baldur’s Gate 3. For reasons, I ended up getting killed by guards in Moonrise Tower Prison, but instead of dying, I got thrown into prison with 1 hit point left, but Karlach teleported to camp instead of the cell. Then the guards attacked us inside the cell, but Tavi jumped down a hole and escaped while Gale and Karlach Shadowheart died in the cell. It led to a fun so solo adventure escaping the prison and all, but now my game is in this weird state where I can’t get Gale and Shadowheart back in the party again. They won’t leave camp. Might have to reload from way, way, way far back and I don’t want to. Arg. #baldursgate3

10:16 # Oh huh I forgot to write anything here yesterday. My script kept saying “no posts” and I was like wuuuuut but then I was like oh, I get it. Ya know?

10:27 # Baldur’s Gate 3. Ah ha, it turns out if I use Revivify scrolls to resurrect Gale and Shadowheart in camp, they are able to leave camp and join the party normally. But if I use Withers to resurrect them, they end up all buggy and weird and can’t leave camp or leave the party. Weird bug. #baldursgate3

[P.S. The Revivify scrolls actually didn’t work. I had to reload an older game from about 6 hours earlier because my save file was borked and nothing I did could successfully resurrect Gale and Shadowheart in a way where they could leave camp or leave the party.]

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