Neck pain and the Underdark. Three microblogging bits from Tuesday. #health #baldursgate3 #blogideas

Tuesday Bits

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Tuesday Bits

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Minor Baldur’s Gate 3 spoilers for the Underdark in Act 1 below.

08:14 # Oof. Rough morning after a night of poor sleep. Bad neck pain developed through the day yesterday which made it quite difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. I don’t really like to self-identify as a spoon person but in the parlance of the youth, I blew all my spoons really early yesterday and today I’m starting out with none. Judicious use of heating pad and just lying still, the most annoying form of self help, was about the only thing that helped. Hard to do while also trying to get work done through the day, though. You know the deal. #health

08:21 # Baldur’s Gate 3. Despite neck pain, and mostly to distract myself from it, last night I returned to the location of the petrified drow in the Underdark, the site of a comically one-sided shellacking against the party the last time I was there, to dish out a decisive victory and vengeance against the threat that was there, in what turned out to be a much more manageable fight. It was the last known encounter in Act 1, but it has opened a possible pathway to another location, so I’ll have to check that out now. #baldursgate3

12:09 # A tabletop group idea and a dungeon instance group idea, both of which are basically impossible to do, but hey maybe 3 or 4 other people might be out there in the world somewhere. #blogideas

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