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Microblogging Journal through 1/15/2024

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Microblogging Journal through 1/15/2024

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Monday 01/08

  • 16:38 # Honor Mode in BG3 is really fun except for one thing that makes it very not- fun: Having to run all the way from one encounter to the next and loot a million containers and skip through all the dialog every single time. At least half your time is wasted. They should just give you a big list of the encounters and have it just teleport you from one to the next when you click on them, and assume that you picked up all the healing potions in between. If they’re going to put a “tournament mode” sort of mode into the game, I’d like to see them put a bit more effort into it. #baldursgate3

  • 16:58 # By the way, Warhammer Rogue Trader is pretty good so far if you liked Pathfinder Kingmaker. It’s the same game, except with Warhammer 40k (which, based on my first impression, has to be the most complicated rule system ever invented) and a severe green-orange color palette. Significantly less production budget than BG3 though. #warhammer #roguetrader

Tuesday 01/09

  • 08:18 # Ugh rain all day today. I often lament the broadly useless fear-mongering country-wide weather reports that national news is fond of, but two things have occurred to me: 1) people must be clicking on those stories for them to keep doing them, and 2) that might be because there could be an entire generation of people growing up on the Internet who are genuinely unaware that local television stations with local weather reports exist. I for one haven’t tuned into a local television news or weather report in a million years, and would have some difficulty doing so even if I wanted to. I always get my local weather from the ad-free NWS web site.

Saturday 01/13

  • 19:57 # The following animals have appeared immediately outside my back door tonight: A gray and white cat, a big mouse, and a possum. The possum was scratching at the door. They’ve all disappeared now.

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