Five microblogging bits from ActivityPub. #roguetrader #warhammer

Microblogging Journal through 1/22/2024

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Microblogging Journal through 1/22/2024

Oops I forgot to publish this last week.

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Monday 01/15

  • 09:03 # One of the advantages of never knowing the day is finding out it’s a company holiday when you get up on Monday morning and having the whole day off. It’s like a snow day.

Tuesday 01/16

  • 09:53 # All the cold and snow and ice yesterday (which is quite minimal, to be honest, where I am), is rather inconveniently timed to coincide with a lack of food in my house.

Thursday 01/18

  • 12:18 # I started playing Planescape Torment, which I’ve never played before, and keeps coming up in “best RPG of all time” lists. So far I feel like that should be caveated as “best RPG of all time if you were 15 when you first played it and never played any other RPGs before.” The enhanced edition isn’t very enhanced. (As compared to the other Beamdog enhanced editions.)

Friday 01/19

  • 09:36 # Warhammer Rogue Trader is quickly falling off my radar. I find the writing confusing, like they forgot to have an editor check it over, and the puzzles are pretty confusing. There’s just a general veneer of “huh? what am I supposed to do?” over the whole thing. And to top it off, the combat isn’t that engaging early on. Classic case of a difficulty curve that’s too-easy- too-easy-too-easy-oops-now-it’s-too-hard. Seems like a good idea to put it away until they do another year’s worth of updates. #warhammer #roguetrader

Sunday 01/21

  • 20:08 # Got Lies of P again, wondering if maybe the third time I try it, I’ll suddenly see the game that everybody else thinks is like Bloodborne. So far, I still kind of hate the controls, and don’t think it’s anywhere near as good as Bloodborne.

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