Saturday Screenshots - FFXIV

Saturday Screenshots - FFXIV

Hey, writing blog posts every day isn’t that fun sometimes. Here’s some screenshots. From that same game again. Because they’re the only screenshots I took yesterday.

What will become of that spooky kid?

The Ascian Planetarium Exhibit.

I've come to refer to these folks as The Superfriends.

Just when we thought it was over, it wasn't over. Because we've got three more levels to go.

Come! Let us settle this once and for all! With ice hockey!

Apparently all you have to do is calmly explain to the obdurate that they're wrong, and they instantly learn their lesson.

I'm sorry to report to all the people speedrunning through previous expansions that Alphinaud is still alive. Not even any fakeout deaths for a quest or two.

I also played Quake Remastered, which is neat. And I downloaded the Diablo II Remastered open beta, but it’s apparently multiplayer only, so I immediately quit.

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