Blaugust 2021

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  • Blogging Pep Talk. 2021-07-21.

    Blaugust 2021 is coming soon! It’s fun! Do it! If you want. I’m not your mom.

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  • Old Post Prompts. 2021-07-22.

    Here’s a list of some old posts that I’m going to mine for topic ideas this Blaugust, which may or may not turn into a fruitful strategy.

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  • The First Day of Blaugust. 2021-08-01.

    It’s the first day of Blaugust, and it’s a dreary one.

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  • FFXV - Leviathan. 2021-08-02.

    Final Fantasy XV is on my mind this morning.

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  • On Music Posts. 2021-08-03.

    I have what I have to assume is an abnormal reaction to music posts.

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  • Final Fantasy XIII. 2021-08-04.

    I’m going to play Final Fantasy XIII next. That’s a 13. Those roman numerals are confusing.

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  • Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots. 2021-08-05.

    I have roughly 15 minutes to think of, write, edit, illustrate, and publish a blog post this morning.

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  • A Two-Fawn Morning. 2021-08-06.

    We interrupt this blog post creation for an unscheduled visit from some deer.

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  • Todo List - Quest for the One Blog, Part 12. 2021-08-07.

    Mainly so that I can remember this, here’s a list of the outstanding problems with the blog that need to be resolved someday.

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  • Status - Quest for the One Blog, Part 13. 2021-08-08.

    A quick summary of the current status of the Quest for The One Blog.

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  • Final Fantasy Status Update. 2021-08-09.

    It’s time for a brief Final Fantasy update.

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  • Like Pulling Teeth. 2021-08-10.

    I would say that getting me to talk or write about myself is like pulling teeth, but I’ve had five or six teeth pulled in my lifetime (or more, I honestly don’t remember), and a ton of root canals, and a ton of dental work in general, so pulling teeth is no big deal to me.

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  • Writing For Clarity. 2021-08-11.

    Magi mentioned a topic in the Blaugust discord: “How do you personally get your opinions or thoughts across in a post?”

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  • Bless Unleashed. 2021-08-12.

    Bless Unleashed: I mean, it’s free.

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  • What's Up With That?. 2021-08-13.

    I have the day off today, and I have to talk for a moment about the What Up With That SNL sketches.

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  • FFXIV's Gandalf Moment. 2021-08-14.

    The Stupid Face Boss in Final Fantasy XIII and The Gandalf Moment in Final Fantasy XIV.

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  • Pantheon Of Best Shadowbringers Moments So Far. 2021-08-15.

    Yesterday I flippantly remarked, “Not exactly a deep meditation on the human condition,” about the Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers story so far. But there was a conversation that my mind keeps returning to: A conversation between the Crystal Exarch and Lord Vauthry.

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  • FFXIV - How To Abandon A Main Scenario Quest, Kind Of. 2021-08-16.

    I ran into a problem with Final Fantasy XIV and I thought I’d share the solution I came up with, because you certainly won’t find it anywhere on Reddit.

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  • Level Curves And Story Pacing. 2021-08-17.

    I wish the arbitrary geometric leveling curve didn’t mess up story pacing.

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  • MMORPG Character Switcharoos. 2021-08-18.

    Sometimes MMORPGs make you play a different character for narrative purposes and I don’t like it very much.

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  • FFXIV - Oracle of Light. 2021-08-19.

    I spent last night in Final Fantasy XIV standing at the Neverending Storybook (not the actual name) refreshing my memory on story events from the very end of A Realm Reborn and the post-Heavensward stuff with The Word Of The Mother and the Warriors of Darkness.

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  • Friday Screenshots - FFXIV. 2021-08-20.

    I was going to pull out one of seemingly hundreds of half-written posts to finish them, but then I realized I hate all of them! And now it’s evening. So here’s some screenshots. It’s from that game I’ve been playing. You know the one I mean.

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  • Saturday Screenshots - FFXIV. 2021-08-21.

    Hey, writing blog posts every day isn’t that fun sometimes. Here’s some screenshots. From that same game again. Because they’re the only screenshots I took yesterday.

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  • Sunday Screenshots - FFXIV. 2021-08-22.

    I didn’t even rename the screenshot files this time.

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  • Blogging Motivation: What's That?. 2021-08-23.

    I think we’re supposed to be writing about how we bloggers stay motivated when blogging, but I think a much more relatable topic for the masses is how we definitely, positively don’t stay motivated.

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  • FFXIV Needs A Limit Break. 2021-08-24.

    I’m waking up to this news that Final Fantasy XIV has closed off all the North American Aether servers to new players indefinitely because they can’t handle the strain anymore.

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  • Best MMO Technology. 2021-08-25.

    Yesterday I mentioned how much I worried that Final Fantasy XIV was staggering into their new expansion on duct tape and bailing wire, so I thought today I’d mention the MMORPGs that appear to have a much more solid technology base that I don’t have to worry about.

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  • Shadowbringers Done, Part 1. 2021-08-26.

    I finished the first ending of Shadowbringers. The one before the long series of post-expansion patches.

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  • YouTube Data API. 2021-08-27.

    YouTube’s API is a pain.

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  • Nuts To The Post-Shadowbringers Blues. 2021-08-28.

    I started into the post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quest last night and got a whole two quests in before the game slammed a massive brick wall down in front of me.

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  • The Endgame Grind Decision Point. 2021-08-29.

    Should I dive headlong into the vortex of Final Fantasy XIV endgame possibilities or should I detox and play something else?

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  • FFXIV - New Game Plus. 2021-08-30.

    I recently learned about New Game+ in Final Fantasy XIV, some time earlier in Blaugust, in the Blaugust Discord. I didn’t think it would work very well, but it actually does.

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  • Blaugust 2021 Lessons Learned. 2021-08-31.

    Well kids, what did we learn this month?

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