I have roughly 15 minutes to think of, write, edit, illustrate, and publish a blog post this morning.

Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots

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Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots

I have roughly 15 minutes to think of, write, edit, illustrate, and publish a blog post this morning.

Screenshots! From Final Fantasy XIII! Which I played last night. Because I got incredibly annoyed with the bosses at the end of Final Fantasy XV, and then FFXV crashed and I lost a bunch of progress, so I think I just won’t be finishing it. Hopefully nothing exciting happens in the final cut scenes.

Final Fantasy XIII is basically a Saturday Morning Cartoon in a video game. I don’t know this, but I imagine somewhere on the Internet you can probably buy Lightning and company action figures.

This is Hope and Vanille, two of the ensemble cast. Vanille has an accent I can't quite pin down. I think it might be Australian? Or New Zealand? Or is it just made up? I don't know, but it consumes about 90% of my focus when she's talking.

Everyone was trying to find Serah. They found her, but then she turned into a crystal, which is probably bad, but it also might be good. There was a lot of discussion about it among the characters.

Lightning and Friends fought the Fal'cie that turned Serah into a crystal and killed it. Ironically, or maybe just coincidentally, the Fal'cie was also a crystal. It might also be a creature inside a gigantic metal body. Or maybe it's an alien. Or some kind of diety? I honestly don't know at this point. Is that crystal the heart? Or a kidney or lung perhaps? This is a very clear picture of what they keep calling a "Fal'cie" so your guess is as good as mine. I'm sure I could just read a wiki and learn these things but it's way more fun to speculate based on the non-existent clues the story provides.

After killing the Fal'cie, there were a lot of cut scenes and flashbacks. This is Snow and Serah in a flashback. Incidentally, they're voiced by Troy Baker and Laura Bailey, who will one day go on to act in a Very Different Scene in The Last Of Us, Part II. Karmic justice, perhaps, since Snow "wished" for Serah to say yes to his marriage proposal, a clear violation of consent and free will. But I think we're supposed to imagine Snow as a romantic hero instead.

After killing the Fal'cie and having a lot of flashbacks, everything exploded and everyone fell out of the sky and landed in Lake Bresha, which was frozen and crystallized. They were also turned into l'Cie, which is bad, apparently, but it gives them magical powers so I don't know why they're complaining. It takes a lot of effort to study and understand the rules of this world, by the way. They just throw it all at you in a wall of information. Fortunately there's a lot of recap text which keeps reiterating the important terminology.

The thing that was previously green is now blue. I now know this is, I think, a "Vestige," which contains a "Pulse Fal'cie." I think.

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